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American Fundamental Value

17 March 2013 - dalam Sistem Politik Amerika Serikat Oleh fyustiazari-fisip12

The best road to progress is freedom's road.

-John F. Kennedy (1960)-


            John F. Kennedy born in Brookline on May 29, 1917. He was the 35th President of United States (1961-1963). The quotation above was just a line represents his speech in West Virginia on September 1960. By the speech he wanted to build better United States. He wanted to create more prosperous America by the freedom’s road.

            The freedom’s road means here is the right of the people of America for example to choose their job based on their want and their skill and also the right of children to get education that will develop their skill to get the job when they’re growing up later. John F. Kennedy believed that the best road to progress is freedom’s road. He believed that prosperity can be enhanced by providing freedom to American people to develop themselves so that they can get jobs and get the money for their daily life.

            The American fundamental value brought by the first president till the latest President is basically the same. It’s all about the freedoms and human right. The quotation about represent that the people of America upholding the value on their daily life. They have rights to get a job, get education, and develop their skill. Not only have those basic rights, the rights is also guaranteed by the government. The American government really protects the rights of their citizens so the rights really are the rights. Unlike in Indonesia, sometime even often the efforts of government to protect and struggle citizens’ rights are less. There are many children can’t get the proper education, there are so many men with no job, there are so many people get the job they actually don’t want to do, and so on.

            The fundamental value upholding in America that is about human rights and freedom maybe someday can be applied in Indonesia. Freedom’s road according to John F. Kennedy is the best road to progress. It’s been a point held by all the leaders to lead America to become better America. They believe that by protecting their citizens’ rights America can be a prosperous nation.




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