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American Liberal Society

05 March 2013 - dalam Sistem Politik Amerika Serikat Oleh fyustiazari-fisip12

Fiqarrahmadani Yustiazari



“This is the story of America. Everybody's doing what they think

they are supposed to do.”


-Jack Kerouac, On the Road-


            The quote is maybe just the simple one, but I try to understand it as an explanation of liberalism developed in America. America embraces liberalism means there is freedom for people to choose their own destiny. They are free to do what is in their mind.

The people in America have their own freedom to do whatever they want to do, but of course without disobey the rules. They have a tendency to obey the rules. They respect other’s interest and freedom and don’t force others to be in their interest. In short words, the people in America is not trying to dominate others by sacrificing other’s interest. They are themselves are so competitive to reach their destiny and interest. For example, when they want to get a job they want they will so into it so that they will get that job. They are being so competitive.

            In Indonesia, the major group can be so dominant if it’s come to force their interest to the others – the minor group. That’s why the minor group often depend their life or destiny to the major group. America is not doing those kind of things. They take care of their own business and the other have their own business too. So, one can make their own destiny without depend on others. Their success is based on themselves.

            The liberalism happens on the election of the leader too. Everyone have their own choice, everyone have their own charismatic figure, and are not trying to force others to have the same choice as theirs. But they still respect one another. If they choose the leader-to-be but the choice is not win, they maybe will disappoint at first but they will still respect the leader-chosen. They still respect others and that is the real meaning of the liberal society, which is one of American Political Heritage.

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